About Alyrica

We’re a company made up of family and friends.

Alyrica is dedicated to helping people meet their internet needs with quick, easy, and friendly internet with straight forward pricing and no hassle. We strive to bring transparency every step of the way from our customers to our employees and our community.          

Our Core Values:

Help People First

Go the Extra Mile

Take Ownership

Courage to Do The Right Thing


Kevin Sullivan


Kevin’s interest in Radio Frequency started in 1996 when he obtained his extra-class amateur HAM radio license. Five years later, he joined Alyrica, becoming President & CEO in 2002. Kevin’s previous RF strengths were augmented by a thorough course in advanced networking and finance.

Kevin enjoys a wide variety of outdoor activities including surfing, mountain climbing, hiking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, sailing, and camping.

Sam Dotson

Chief Executive Officer

Sam was born and raised in Corvallis, Oregon. He traveled for some time after 1998 while he was in the Marine Corps, but always had the goal to move back to the area and settle down with his family. Prior to working at Alyrica Sam worked as a Data Center Operations Cluster Manager for Amazon Web Services.  What drove Sam to Alyrica was the opportunity to work in an environment where he felt he could really make a difference in the performance and outcomes of the company.

“Alyrica has a great team of professionals who I love working with and are focused on solving new challenges every day.  I enjoy looking for new methods and technologies that will improve our customer experience as we continue to build our network.  The best part of working for Alyrica is the team. The team is very open, honest, and focused on working hard to provide our customers and each other with a great experience.”

Sam enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and climbing mountains. The largest mountain he has climbed was Mt Rainier in 2016.

If he could sum Alyrica up in three words it would be: Growth, Teamwork, and Vision

Josh Knudsen

Chief Financial Officer

Josh is responsible for overseeing all of the administrative functions that grease the wheels for the people that actually build, sell and support the network.

Buck Nightwalker

Chief Technology Officer

Buck’s responsibilities at Alyrica are to direct the strategic design, acquisition, management, and implementation of enterprise-wide technology infrastructure. He is responsible for monitoring and analyzing technology and trends that could improve the company’s products and performance, establishing technology standards, and communicating technical information throughout the organization.

Shane Power

Customer Support Manager

Shane was born in Smethwick, England. He joined Alyrica shortly after relocating his family to Philomath, Oregon.  Shane is responsible for overseeing the Customer Support team and ensuring that they are operating efficiently while delivering the best customer support experience in telecommunications.

“The people drove me to Alyrica! Everyone here at Alyrica has the same mission in mind, its to help others!”

Some of Shane’s passions outside of work include spending time with his wife and kid, coin/stamp collecting, camping, paintball, shooting, and roasting coffee.

If he could sum Alyrica up in 5 words it would be: Family, Friendly, Fun, Exciting, Challenging.

Jason Richards

Chief Revenue Officer

Born in Butte, America, Jason has always loved the outdoors!  Right out of school, Jason was a youth specialist working and building programs for Jr and Sr High students in Montana.  He then spent time working for a company that was acquired by Home Depot and then ran a small software company before coming to Alyrica in 2018.

Jason has 2 boys, a wonderful wife and still loves being outside or playing sports with his friends.

Charles Sullivan

Infrastructure Deployment Manager

Charles’ responsibilities at Alyrica are to assist the Integrator in determining company priorities and carrying their direction through to completion. He oversees the Fiber, Tower, and Install team. Removing roadblocks, providing tools, and improving the morale and efficiency of the infrastructure division are the among his primary concerns.

Susannah Noel

Executive Assistant

Susannah was born and raised in Philomath, Oregon. Before coming to work at Alyrica she worked as a Nanny. She is responsible for executive meetings, scheduling, HQ office duties, and assisting the CEO. Susannah states that “Working at this company means that I get to work with family whose values I admire, and whose drive is exemplary, while moving towards a goal which helps people,” and that is what drove her to Alyrica.

“There are a lot of incredible people here that would gladly sacrifice to get the job done right, and don’t settle for less than perfect.”

In her free time, you can find her participating in 5k’s, relays or half marathons. She also enjoys playing softball as an outfielder position.