Brownsville Fiber Project

We began stringing lines on poles, running equipment underground, putting vaults in places and getting things ready for fiber to come to Brownsville this year!

Many people are curious about which addresses are coming online first, what the process is and how they can help.  The process from start to finish for getting fiber optic internet to your address is:

The step of the project that folks can help with has to do with running cabling to homes and businesses (we call them ‘drop lines’).

Getting a drop line to your house does not mean that you are required to sign up with Alyrica for fiber optic internet or any of our other services, but if you are interested in getting the drop line now, we will do it for free as our team will already be in the area during the main construction. The price for getting a drop line after we complete these initial drop line installs will be $450.

Studies have shown that having fiber optic run to your home increases the value of your home. This is a FREE service we are offering, no strings attached.

Before we can bring a drop line to your home, we ask that you to fill out the “Fiber Optic Utility Agreement” (found here: Fiber Optic Utility Agreement) and return it to us via email or USPS. If you do not own your home, your landlord will have to fill out the form.

The filled-out form will serve as permission for us to bring a drop line from our main line to a network box that we will install outside your house. Once we have completed the main line construction and you and your neighbors have all had drop lines installed, we will splice the drop lines to the main line, and at this point we are ready to schedule an install.

When can I expect to have fiber installed at my house?

Like most construction projects, bringing fiber to Brownsville is happening in phases.  The work that has happened so far in Brownsville we can refer to as ‘Phase 0’ since it is simply running all the main line through areas that will make Phase 1-2 possible.

Below is the breakdown of the phases in Brownsville.  If you are curious which phase of the project your address is in, please feel free to give us a call (541-929-3330) and we will be able to lookup the address for you in our system.

As we move the process ahead, getting these Fiber Optic Utility Agreements back from the property owners in a timely manner is especially important.  We thank you ahead of time for helping us bring the best customer experience in telecommunications to Brownsville!

Project Construction Phases

Brownsville Phase 1

Phase 1 is connecting homes and businesses via aerial.  This means that, for the most part, if you have a power poles that run by your house, the fiber will connect to your house from the main fiber line being put on the poles.

Running aerial fiber optics is very fast in comparison to drilling underground.

Brownsville Phase 2

Phase 2 is connecting homes and businesses underground.  We run directional drills along the streets and then ultimately to the premise.

Drilling underground is more complex and time consuming than running via aerial.  Please be patient, we are working as fast as we can!

Brownsville Phase 3 (Solutions still being explored)

Phase 3 consists of areas that do not have utility poles and are on bedrock with minimal soil.

Drilling underground through this type of rock costs $75/ linear foot.  That means that to just drill from a main box to a single house (average 30ft) would cost over $2,000!

We are still exploring options on how we can serve this area while keeping costs down.