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Sweet Home is sometimes referred to as the ‘Gateway to the Santiam Playground’ due to its proximity to nearby lakes, rivers and the Cascade Mountains.”

Alyrica has served the Mid-Willamette valley since 2002, providing internet to the Sweet Home, Oregon area via fixed wireless!

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I love my high speed internet connection with Alyrica. You guys rock so happy way out here!!!

Jeffrey Stewart

Lebanon, OR

If you have the option of using Alyrica Internet, DO IT! I am SO impressed so far with this internet. We just moved to the country from in town where I had Comcast/Xfinity. That was fast internet but very expensive. Once we moved we were told our only options would be either Century Link (DSL) which had a pretty bad reputation for dropping out and being slow at best… or satellite internet which was much worse and way more expensive. Then we couldn’t do Century Link because our house was still being built and we were staying in our RV with no phone lines. I need internet for my work, so we were using our phone hot spots with Verizon which was VERY expensive. Then I called Alyrica as I remembered my previous employment had used them since they were outside city limits. Alyrica sent someone out promptly and checked to see if we could receive their ‘Fixed Wireless’ signal. The answer was yes if the receiver was put in one of our tall trees. They came out and did that, and we quickly had very fast, RELIABLE internet! They also are locally owned and operated and I feel good about that. Their customer service in setting it all up was friendly, and called back and came out when they said they would. I would recommend Alyrica Internet to anyone! I seriously don’t miss Xfinity AT ALL!

Aimee Herd

Brownsville, OR

I had DSL and a satellite provider for the fist 15 years we lived outside of Lebanon. I heard of Alyrica from a friend and got it love it now highly recommend it.

Greg Hager

Lebanon, OR