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Residential Internet

Our Home Internet service provides reliable speeds at an affordable price. We have no hidden taxes or fees, so the price below is the price you pay for 24 months, no surprises.

Available Plans

Wireless Plans (Available throughout our coverage area)

$49.99per month
  • Browse the web, check E-mail, watch YouTube, hang out with friends on Facebook.
  • Download Speed 5 Mbps
$69.99per month
  • Designed for high definition (720P and 1080P) video streaming content.
  • Download Speed 15 Mbps

Fiber Optic Plans (Only available in specific areas)

Fiber Basic 10
$49.99per month
  • Designed for basic internet access and basic streaming services.
  • Download Speed 10 Mbps
  • Includes Whole Home WiFi Service
Fiber Fast 100
$69.99per month
  • Blazing fast speeds that can handle multiple 4K video streams and much more.
  • Download Speed 100 Mbps
  • Includes Whole Home WiFi Service

Installation is $149 with a 24 month contract. Contract-free installation is $299.

Whole Home WiFi

WiFi Coverage you Can Count On
Are you paying for High Speed Internet, but when you try using the WiFi, your Internet seems slow? Or maybe your WiFi works great in the living room, but when you go to the bedroom it just won’t load?
We have a solution for you!
We call it Whole Home WiFi. Our expert team will come to your home and install a dedicated, carrier class, wireless system ensuring every square foot of your house has excellent WiFi coverage. Now you can roam your house freely with your wireless devices and have excellent service everywhere, being able to fully utilize your high speed, Internet connection.
We will install, manage, and maintain the wireless equipment in your home, with no installation fee or equipment for you to buy.

Note: Additional square footage is billed in $10 increments, each covering an additional 3,500 sq ft of internal, connected space.