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For our wireless or fiber optic customers, you do not need a phone line or cable connection. We connect your home or business directly to our network, without using any other company's wires.

For our DSL customers, a phone line is required for your Internet service, however we take care of getting the phone line hooked up to your home or business for you. You do not need to contact the phone company about a phone line.

For our wireless or fiber optic customers, you do not need a modem. These connection methods use digital networks to transmit the information, so a modem is not needed. However, if you wish to connect multiple devices or have WIFI available, you will need a broadband router. Routers are not included with the installation, but can be purchased for an additional fee.

For our DSL customers, a modem is required to connect over the phone line. We provide a modem as part of the install for no additional cost, so you don't need to worry about finding one yourself. A broadband router will be required if you wish to connect multiple devices to the Internet and for WIFI capability. These are not included in the installation but can be purchased for an additional fee.

Weather very rarely affects our wireless network links. Our microwave radios can communicate through rain and fog without any difficulty. If a large accumulation of snow builds up on your radio's dish, signal quality may degrade slightly, but it is usually not a problem here in the Willamette Valley.
No, our service has no usage limits. The only limit we impose is the speed at which you can download or upload information.
Our wireless Internet service is entirely dependent on line of sight. We send a technician out to your location to verify that there is good enough line of sight to get you online reliably. During the signal check, the technician will usually need to get on the roof of the building. From there, he will be able to determine which tower, if any, we will be able to connect to from that location. For residences, no one needs to be home for the signal check as long as we have permission to be on the property and on the roof. If there are any special circumstances at your property or pets that may pose a danger to our technician, please advise our customer service representative when you call to schedule your signal check
Line of sight refers to the ability of being able to see our Internet tower from your location. A clear line of sight means that there are no obstructions between the radio on your home or business and our Internet tower. For optimum Internet connectivity via microwave radio, a clear line of sight is required. Trees or buildings obstructing the view to the tower may not allow us to connect your location to our network using wireless technology. However, We do have wireless technology that operates on certain frequencies that allow penetration of some obstacles. Our signal check will take all LOS factors into account to see if we can service your location.
A router allows multiple devices in the home or business to share the same Internet connection. Without a router, only one computer could use the Internet at a time and it would have to be connected via an Ethernet cable. Most routers will also broadcast a WIFI signal, allowing smart phones, tablets, and computers to connect to the Internet wirelessly. Routers also allow multiple devices to share information with each other. For example, if you have music or movies saved on one computer, other computers or devices connected to the same router would be able to play those same media files. Most of our customers have multiple devices they want connected to the Internet, therefore they need a router. Routers are not included in our install, however we can provide you with a router for a fee. Ask our staff about our routers when you inquire about your Internet install.
The routers we provide have advanced features that are not available from other brands. The advanced features of our routers allow us to prioritize your Internet traffic to minimize this latency. This will provide a more satisfying and trouble-free experience for you.
See the Email Settings section below.
The outgoing mail server settings are probably incorrect. Please compare your settings to those listed under the Email Settings section or look at this iPhone example.
The outgoing mail server settings are probably incorrect. Please compare your settings to those listed under the Email Settings section or look at one of these examples: Outlook, Thunderbird
The best way to control SPAM is to stay off the SPAM radar. To do that, you need to be careful who you provide with your email address. All Alyrica Internet access accounts come with two email boxes. This allows you to have one you check regularly that you provide only to friends, coworkers, and others that you communicate with on a regular basis. The other you can use for all of those online accounts where they send you unwanted email every day. In addition, you can use the second account for unknown places that may pass that email address on to their spammy friends.
Someone has hacked your email account by guessing your password. You need to change your password to something new and make it difficult for someone to guess. For assistance, call customer service.
No, you do not need a phone line for our phone service to work. Our phone service uses Voice Over Internet Protocol, which means that your phone calls use your Internet connection, rather than a dedicated phone line.
We provide a small piece of equipment that will allow you to use your existing telephone. However, businesses may want to purchase VoIP phones to take advantage of the advanced features that will be available to them.
If the power is out at your home or business, your phone will not work. The devices required to make your phone work over your Internet connection require electricity supplied by your location. If the power is out at your location, these devices will be offline, making your phone inoperable. For this reason, we strongly recommend you have an alternate means of calling 911 available at all times, such as a cell phone. These devices are not dependent on your home's electrical supply and will therefore work in a power outage.
If the power is on and your Internet connection is active, you will be able to call 911 from your phone. It is important to keep your physical address information up to date with us, because this is the address that will be sent to emergency responders when you call 911. However, in a power outage, your phone will not be operating and you will not be able to reach 911 (see above question). It is highly recommended to have an alternative means of calling 911 in an emergency, such as a cell phone.
The routers we provide have advanced features that are not available from other brands. Since your phone calls will be going through your router and Internet connection, these features allow us to create a separate channel for your phone service, so your phone calls and your Internet usage don't impact each other. This will provide a more satisfying and trouble-free experience for you.
We can enable international calling (which includes Alaska and Hawaii) on your phone, but this service must be requested. Calls to these destinations will be charged for by the minute. Our Limited International Dial plan allows calls to be completed that are billed at $0.10 / minute or less. This is to protect you from outrageous per minute charges that exist in parts of the world. If you need to call destinations that cost more than $0.10 / minute, we can do that too. However we will require some additional paperwork. To find out how much it would cost to call a certain phone number, please send an email to support@alyrica.net requesting the current rate deck. These files can be viewed using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or by using a simple text editor, like notepad. Look up the prefix, which is the first part of the phone number beginning with the country code, to find the corresponding per minute rate. The most specific prefix will be used to bill the call. Rates may change without notice.
Follow these steps to access your voice mail settings. 1. Pick up your home phone and dial 801. 2. when the voice mail prompt begins, press *. 3. Enter your voice mail PIN. If you don't know your PIN, please give us a call. 4. Listen to the menu options and follow the prompts to configure your voice mail.
To listen to your voice mail messages when you are not home, follow these steps. Call your home phone number. When the voice mail prompt begins, press *. Enter your voice mail PIN. If you don't know your PIN, please give us a call. Listen to the menu options and follow the prompts to listen to and delete your voice mail messages.
Yes, we can provide you with a fax line that is capable of sending and receiving faxes. Our preferential method for sending and receiving faxes is to use E-Mail and / or a web based portal. This allows you the freedom of fax services without having to maintain a physical fax machine. Faxes can be sent directly from your computer in multiple ways and received faxes can be delivered securely to your email inbox as a PDF attachment. If you require a physical fax machine, we can get that working as well with some additional equipment installation.
Voice over IP and fax over VoIP require different configurations to provide the best reliable service. We are unable to configure a line to work well with voice traffic and also work well for faxing. As a result, we require two separate lines, one for voice use and the other for fax use.

Desktop Faxing is a virtual printer that is installed on a Windows PC and makes sending a fax as easy as printing a document. If you wish to send a fax, you can open the document you want to send (PDF, MS Word, etc) and select Internet Fax as the printer. You will then be prompted for a fax number and the document will be wisked away as a fax to the destination you entered.

Only certain fax customers have this functionality available. If you wish to inquire about this functionality, please call our office.

To install the needed software on your PC, please download the below zip file, extract to a temporary directory, and run the setup.exe file. Once installed, simply print a document and select Internet Fax. When prompted, enter your Username and Password in the Authorization section of the settings screen. Enter a destination phone number on the next screen and your fax is on its way.

Download the Desktop Fax Driver here: Desktop_Fax_Driver

When you visit fax.alyrica.net, the URL gets hashed for security reasons. It won't allow login from this hashed URL once your session has expired. Close the page and access fax.alyrica.net again from a fresh page. Your log in information should work again.

If you want to bookmark the fax.alyrica.net portal, please bookmark the following URL: http://fax.alyrica.net

E-Mail Settings

Use these settings to setup your E-Mail clients.

Incoming Mail

Incoming Server mail.alyrica.net
Port (IMAP) 143
Port (POP) 110
Connection SSL / Encryption Method Auto or TLS
Username is the full email address. If you don’t know your password, please call our office.

Outgoing Mail

Outgoing Server mail.alyrica.net
Auth Type Password
Outgoing Port 587
Connection SSL / Encryption Method: Auto or TLS
Username and password for the outgoing mail server are the same as for the incoming mail server.

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